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Live event communication

Organising or sponsoring a conference, or other live event, is an expensive and time-consuming process, whether you are targeting customers or employees.

Finding creative ways to generate content from your event can add an extra dimension and extend the value long after your delegates have gone home.

We often cover conferences, to enable clients to be free to concentrate on the event itself while we absorb the information to deliver insightful copy.


EY asked us to capture the essence of the talks and workshops at CODE_n, the start-up event it sponsors at CeBIT, Europe’s largest technology conference.

The theme of the Hanover event was the Internet of Things (IoT), and a range of senior EY figures spoke about the implications for business – from cybersecurity to the omni-channel consumer. For four days Jill Hopper kept notes of their speeches, interviewed participants and canvassed delegates’ opinions.

She produced an extensive series of blogs, tweets, case studies and news stories that distilled EY’s thinking on IoT, which is a crucial area for its large corporate clients.

Stephan Kuester, EY’s Director, Brand, Marketing and Communications, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, said:

“Jill delivered a stellar performance in covering the complex and multidimensional world of tech. We were all delighted with her work and are busying ourselves seeking out a full range of channels to leverage her great insights and material.”


When Unilever wanted to build employee interest in its Change Leaders Conference, via its internal social media tool, Chatter, they asked Content to help.

The company’s annual conference brings around 400 senior managers together from around the world to hone plans towards Unilever’s strategic ambitions. By extending the two-day event’s reach to include thousands of employees, the company hoped to build engagement in the strategy, and support for its leadership team.

Unilever’s Global Digital Corporate Channels team used our writers to help produce content for posting, some prepared in advance, some written during the event. Our presence in the on-site communications ‘war room’ meant that within minutes of senior managers finishing their presentations, employees knew what they had to say and – as importantly – could respond to it.

An online poll showed that 86% of users thought the updates were useful, while active use of Chatter doubled during the conference.

David Ingram, former Unilever Senior Writer/Editor, said:

“Thanks to Content Consulting’s excellent support in preparation for the event, and especially during the event, we were able to ensure that the key benefit of our social media platform was optimised: to publish content quickly, timely and drive engagement. Working under tight deadlines, Content Consulting produced high-quality content that consistently hit the mark and worked with us in a truly collaborative way. We were a team.”