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Throughout time, stories have delighted and enthralled people and brought them together. Think Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, David Copperfield

Effective corporate communication is also often best told – and remembered – in the form of story. In our work, Content Consulting always aims to interest as well as inform by using the techniques of storytelling.

Complementing our corporate storytelling, we also write creatively for pleasure, primarily through the London writers’ collective 26. Here are some of our pieces:

100 Days

The 100 Days project, which marked the centenary of the First World War Armistice, shone a light on 100 individuals touched by that conflict. Jill Hopper and Rebecca Dowman wrote pieces for the project, a partnership between writers’ collective 26 Characters and the Imperial War Museums. Jill spoke from the perspective of a Derbyshire mother who had lost two sons in the Battle of the Somme; Rebecca captured the emotions of a young woman, whose brother was facing court martial for refusing to fight.

26 Prints

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

These words by Leonardo da Vinci were the inspiration between 26 Prints – a collaboration between writers’ collective 26 and Eames Fine Art. Alongside other talented writers, Content’s Jill Hopper and Rebecca Dowman crafted poems about artworks that they were paired with. Their pieces, along with the prints that inspired them, formed an exhibition at Eames Fine Art’s London gallery.

26 Pairs of Eyes



In 1739, the London Foundling Hospital – the UK’s first children’s charity – opened in response to the rising number of youngsters abandoned in the capital. The Foundling Museum captures the history and times of the charity and holds thousands of objects related to it and its charges. The 26 Pairs of Eyes exhibition displayed writers’ impressions of 26 exhibits next to the objects themselves. Rebecca Dowman’s piece, Handel’s gifts, focuses on the last will and testament of George Frideric Handel, a great benefactor of the hospital.


26 Characters



The Story Museum in Oxford celebrates the art and power of storytelling. In 2014, it held an exhibition of photographic portraits of leading contemporary authors dressed as their favourite children’s book character.

Rebecca Dowman was one of a group of writers who wrote 62-word ‘sestudes’ about each of the portraits. Her subject was Francesca Simon, author of the Horrid Henry books, who was dressed as the Queen of Hearts.

26 Miles

The London Marathon’s route weaves through and unites many of the richly diverse communities within this great city. In 2013, 26 writers wrote about each of the miles that make up the route, with a 27th focusing on the 385 yards of the final leg.

Rebecca Dowman found Small Wonder in Bermondsey.


Film: Paul O’Brien, www.gutsy.tv