What we do

Thought leadership

Our digitally-enabled world is changing so fast that no one can be certain what lies ahead, in business or society. However, organisations with the data and insights to chart probable new trends can deliver great value to customers and build the credibility and strength of their brands.

We work with leading companies to help them convert their research data, knowledge and experience into compelling thought leadership, from influential reports and white papers to animated films and social media. Clients find our journalistic background and business expertise give us the edge in identifying newsworthy angles and presenting research results in the most engaging way.

Our recent thought leadership projects have covered such topics as healthcare investment opportunities in Indonesia, UK social housing governance standards, and the changing roles of sales and marketing leaders.


ey_newTechnology is revolutionising the boardroom as digitally-empowered customers require companies to transform they way they – and their leaders – operate.

Competition, coexistence or symbiosis: The DNA of C-suite sales and marketing leaders explores the changing role of chief sales officers and their marketing counterparts.

Written by Content, the report is the cornerstone of a major global EY thought leadership programme. Drawing on quantitative input from more than 800 C-suite leaders, and our in-depth interviews with 20 more, it assesses how sales and marketing chiefs are reacting to the changing commercial environment, how they must overhaul their skillsets and approach to remain relevant, and how an emerging breed of leader – the chief commercial officer – may subsume both roles.

Apart from the 40-page report, we also wrote a complementary life sciences sector perspective and the script for a linked animation.