What we do

We engage business audiences with compelling stories

We craft engaging corporate stories, making the complex simple and the remote accessible. We do so in a tone of voice that speaks directly to your audience, while complementing your brand and strategic objectives.

We can help at all points in the communications journey. At the planning stage, we can help you decide on the best channel, format and tone. Having agreed this foundation, we can support you through every stage of the project: from drafting the brief to research, interviewing, writing, editing and proofreading.

If you want the entire job taken off your hands, we can direct the whole project, supported by our proven network of online and print designers and project managers. Alternatively, we can help you with one discrete part of the communications process, such as writing your tweets or editing existing copy.

On this site, we touch on just some of the editorial areas we specialise in – such as social media, corporate reporting, brochure writing and thought leadership. Our full capability is much broader, with a proven track record in everything from crafting speeches for FTSE 100 chairs to writing websites for PR agencies and directing video edits. The chances are, if you are interested in a particular format, we’ve done something like it.

If you’d like to talk about one of these areas – or indeed any others – do get in touch via rebecca.dowman@contentconsulting.co.uk.